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My Unfortunate Discovery

7 Nov

It has never occurred to me that meetings can be made worse than they already are.  Not ever.  Today, I was proven wrong.  My meeting was held in a room that was 15 degrees to hot and smelled like a bathroom.  I know the 2 people that were in there before my meeting started, and it concerns me that they left a freaking meeting room smelling like that.  FYI: if you’re feeling. . .um. . .gassy(?) excuse yourself and go to the restroom.  Don’t let ‘er rip in a meeting room when someone has to be in there afterwards.

The funniest part was that the 3 of us that were in the room pretended not to notice anything except for how hot it was.  You could practically see everyone holding their noses and turning green from the stench, but there wasn’t a single word about the smell of someone’s insides rotting.  That would have been very unprofessional.

Catherinette = Pathetic Sap

7 Nov

Some of you may have figured this out, but for those of you that have not, here’s a newsflash: I’m a pathetic sap. It’s disturbing to think how silly and lame I can get, however, I can’t seem to help myself.  In many ways, I believe that most women are just as sentimental/foolish, but afraid to admit it. 

The other day I mentioned that I had a crush on a new boy.  24 hours later-after I had pretty much planned the next 10 years (just as Pistols at Dawn had said I had)-he dropped me like a hot potato.  Oh how I hate it when I guy I like doesn’t like me back.  Granted, most people probably feel the same way.  Come on, guys!  Let’s get with the program and just play along, please!!

But I digress. . .in true sappy form, I have turned to listening to songs about broken relationships, despair, and tears.  Did I mention I was pathetic?  I have an entire mix of bitter songs on my ipod, because, as I mentioned, I’m pathetic.  So now, I must mourn the loss of my imaginary relationship with someone I never even kissed by listening to these silly little songs while I pretend that there was something really magical and beautiful between us.

You will all be delighted to know that I do not cry over such things.  That is just taking it about 2 steps too far.  That would seriously be lame and pathetic.  Oh!  And know what else, next week when I finally run into the guy, I’ll be on my best behavior.  Most likely, I’ll share some stories about my inept attempts at flirting with him and how he ignored me. 

Can’t wait!