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Too Cool for School

19 Oct

My friend, Mischa, is so super cute.  He’s about 5’2″, is 31, and looks like she’s about 15 years old.  She is 8 months pregnant, and she had a wonderful encounter yesterday.  She was at the grocery store yesterday, when the following exchange happened:

  • Grocery Store Clerk: Wow!  You’re really pregnant!

  • Mischa: Yeah, I guess you could say that.

  • GSC: Seems like it’s really going around.

  • Mischa: I know what you mean.  I know tons of people that are pregnant.

  • GSC: Seriously??  Me too!  I have 5 friends. . .at school that are pregnant.

  • Mischa: . . . What?

  • GSC: Yeah, friends in my school.

  • Mischa: Oh, what school do you go to?

  • GSC: New Town High.  What school do you go to?

  • Mischa: I’m not in school.

  • GSC: Did you drop out?  My sister did that when she was 16.  Hey, but don’t worry, you can always go back and get your GED.

Boozy Suzy’s Birthday Extravaganza

19 Oct

This weekend we’re celebrating Lola’s 21st (plus 12) birthday.  It’s the perfect excuse for us to go to Ixia and spend far too much money on fabulous cocktails.  Sweet, sweet Ixia, I can’t wait to drink your fancy little drinks and stare at Eric, the hot bartender.  Oh, and I so hope that Kevin (the hot executive chef) comes over to say hello (and by “say hello” I mean “invite me to the kitcken to offer me a cookie.”).  God he is so hot.

Lola, I warn you: you’re going to get housed and you’ll have a brutal case of the cocktail flu on Sunday.  Don’t worry, it won’t be your fault-Muffy and I are going to make sure that you are overserved.  And know what?  If you’re lucky, your boy will come over and bore us with stories about how he’s a scientist.

Oh, and by the way, if you puke in my car, I will beat you with my handbag.