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Protected: How Bridget Jones of You

12 Oct

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Booty Call: Update

12 Oct

I Feel a Sin Coming On...Postcard Set 

Wow, so he’s really trying.  After sending an email to a group of us asking what we were doing this Saturday night, I started getting inquiries from him-only to me.  He’s hot.  It makes my chest burn just to think of some groping.  Why??  Why must it be that time of the month, and why must I have a freaking big ass pimple (stupid, Simone)??

  • Notebook: You around this weekend. . .specifically, tomorrow?
  • CS: I’ll be around most of the earlier part of the day.  I’m babysitting my godson (around 2ish), and then meeting up with some friends for dinner.
  • Notebook: Hmmm. . .I wont’ be up there until mid-afternoon.  Where r u headed for dinner? downtown? maybe i could meet u afterwards for a drink. . .

I want to have him.  Here’s the thing: it’s making me a little bit nervous.  What if the only reason that he wants to get together is to tell me that he has an STD or something?  That would make me kill him!

I Amuse Myself

12 Oct

This might come as a shock to you all, but from time to time, I can be funny.  I know, it’s big news to some people, but not to me.  I crack myself up all the time!  Take, for example, the email exchange I had with some of my friends yesterday.  I’m still laughing at what I wrote. 

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