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9 Oct

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I See Stupid People

9 Oct

Back when I was fat and going through hard times, I made some pretty “great” decisions.  One of these decisions included getting involved with Hairy McBacksweat.  He was just separating from his wife, and my boyfriend was ignoring me – it seemed like a good idea at the time.

One evening, he called me from Blockbuster to ask me what movie I wanted to watch.  He rambled through some options which included “Mulholland Doctor”. 

  • CS: Mulholland Doctor?  I’ve never heard of that.

  • HMcB: It looks pretty good. 

  • CS: Who is on the cover of the rental box?

  • HMcB:  Not sure, I’ve never seen here before. Looks like she might be wearing a blond wig.

  • CS:  Read me the back of the box.

  • HMcB: [Proceeds to read the movie synopsis]

  • CS: Wait a second.  What did you say the name of the movie was?

  • HMcB:  Mulholland Doctor. 

  • CS: Do you mean Mulholland Drive”??

  • HMcB: Maybe.  It just has a D and an R after Mulholland.  I guess it could be drive.