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It’s That Time of Year

5 Oct

Yes, my friends, it’s a wonderful time of year.  This weekend, Fells Point will be swarmed with people looking to have some fun.  The 41st Annual Fells Point Fun Festival is happening!  The town will be full of food vendors, craftsmen, and bands.  And let us not forget the what? The most important part of it all: the beer garden.

For many years, I was one of the lucky ones that volunteered in the main beer garden.  Those were magical times!  It was an excellent way to flirt with cute boys that wanted me to give them free beer, drink beer, and hang out with friends-all under the guise of volunteering for a good cause.  Working in the beer garden was only fun for a few hours at a time.  After about 4:00, that place is a mob scene and you can’t pour beers fast enough.  I’d often end up drenched in beer-not that I cared too much as I was usually too inebriated to notice it.

This year, I will be one of the many that will fight their way through the crowds and pay money for over priced beer.  I will will mock my fellow beer garden visitors, flirt with the cute boys, enjoy far too many beers, pray that I don’t need to use the port-a-potty, and probably trip over myself at some point.  More than likely, I’ll also be trying to talk Lola into drinking a beer or 3.  You see, Lola no likey the beer.  She likes her Jack & Coke, and that’s OK, but this is not the Jack & Coke garden that we’ll be visiting.  It’s the beer garden.  You’ve been what?  That’s right, you’ve been warned, Lola. 

Good times, good times.

Protected: You’ve Been Served!

5 Oct

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