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Not So Happy Hour

28 Sep

A hundred years ago, when I was young and the company social planner, I could snap my fingers and get people to go out after work.  Now, my powers are weak and it takes threats of violence to get the same trick done.  It is rare that I actually want to go out after work for a drink, today happens to be one of those days.  My hair looks relatively decent, I’m in the freaking mood. 

After twisting a few arms, I’ve convinced Disney and Lush to come out with me for a drink.  This, however, is not enough. I want to get all boozy suzy tonight and make some bad decisions that I’ll regret tomorrow when I wake up with the cocktail flu. I want to go downtown!  I hate the bar scene, but again, I’m in the mood.  I feel that there’s a hotty out there that’s aching for my attention this evening, and that he’ll suffer if I don’t show up. 

Let’s get it together people!!  Don’t make this secret hotty feel bad on a night that we could be flirting and potentially making out in a dark corner of some bar.  Do it for me.

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28 Sep

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