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Protected: You Have a Little Something on Your Nose

14 Sep

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14 Sep

It’s interesting seeing how people find their way to this tiny little blog.  I mentioned yesterday that wordpress had this fancy feature where it quarantines spam, well it also has an even fancier feature that tells you the search terms people use to get to your blog.

According to these search terms, one might conclude that this blog is about something really different.  Sure, reading it might be like getting your teeth pulled, but you can learn all about Molly Ringwald and her wild spinster adventures. Molly Ringwald enjoys farting and ana1 sex with Bridget Jones on a little bus.  She enjoys eating little smoked sausages and apparently has some issues with panties at work.  


BEHOLD some of the glorious things people type into search engines to find their way to me. . .

how to pull out wisdom teeth pictures

little bus

you left me goodbye goodbye

pimp and hoe halloween suit

pull teeth

molly ringwald

no spark dating

why man leave without saying goodbye

2003 stage reviews good golly miss molly

crying PMS

lit’l smokie

“turkey baster” “single mother”

dating with a ticking biological clock

spinster party

worst teeth to be pulled out

“bridget jones” ana1 sex

“she enjoyed farting”

Spicy Little Smokies

panties at work

bridget jones is a load of shit