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13 Sep

Yesterday I wrote about how I recieved some random Spam, things have no gotten even weirder.  Apparently, some minister found my website and posted a comment about how I should think twice before celebrating Halloween.  Then there’s a link to a freaky ass website.

Umm. . .I’m confused.  How did a man of the cloth find his way to my blog and why would he post such things?   Doesn’t he have better things to do? 

I have never been the type of person to push my beliefs onto others, and don’t like it when others try to do that to me.  Why can’t people just accept that what one chooses doesn’t have to be exactly the same?  This guy really has some freaking nerve! 

I wrote him a little email: 

Dear Rev. Jonathan C. Chance,

Who do you think you are?  How dare you send me a link to your creepy website when you have no idea who I am or what my beliefs are?  Had you bothered to read my posting, you would have realized that I was making fun of people that were sending me something about Halloween, not telling others that they should run out and praise Satan.You’re so busy pushing your message onto other people that you don’t even bother to find out what they believe first. 

I find your actions to be unacceptable and your message was completely unwarranted and unwanted.Catherinette Singleton

Take that, you sanctimonious prick.

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13 Sep

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