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12 Sep

I am one of 7 people on this earth that eats Spam and admits to liking it.  It’s good stuff.  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’s meaty goodness.  And please don’t tell me what’s in it-ignorance is bliss.  I do, however, hate receiving spam in my email box.  One of the nice things about using WordPress for my blog, is that it quarantines most of the spam that “people” want to post as comments to the blog.

Below, I’d like to highlight some of my favorites.  I’m going to remove the hyperlinks, because god only knows where you’d end up if you clicked on them. Please to enjoy:

  • I’d like to drop some words. Cool site, thank you for this! pimps and hoes costumes for halloween costume halloween kid make last minute halloween costume ideas nurse halloween costume spawn halloween costume pokemon halloween costumes nascar halloween costume (Seriously, who the heck is going to see this and think, “Oh, I really need a pimp halloween costume for myself and might as well pick up the Pokemon costume for little Patrick!”)
  • Thanks for the welcome Really cool diet for me, thanks! [stupid link that I’ll never click on] soma drug [different stupid link} drug neurontin treatment [more links I’m not going to click on] or [followed by more links] and [another list of links I’m not clicking on] . Much respect! (I love that they ended it with this catchy little phrase.)

Who comes up with this nonsense?  I can’t imagine how someone falls into this line of work.  I picture someone that wanted to write cheesy greeting cards for Hallmark, but was rejected.  They then try to get hired by American Greetings.  Denied!  What’s left but to write spam for strange things?  Perhaps I should quit my job and start writing spam for various products.  Maybe I’ve missed my calling!

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12 Sep

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