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Protected: Peace Out, Bitches!

31 Aug

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An Important Public Service Announcement

31 Aug

If you’re going to be interviewed for a news segment on the radio, consider sprucing up your grammar.  Instead of using:

“What the name of this color is?” try using “What’s the name of this color?”  This might be considered cute if you were foreign or 4, but it’s not so cute if you English is your first language.  You sound like a dumb ass.  Really, you do.

Thank you, and have a pleasant and polite day.



Just in Time

31 Aug

I’m leaving work in 30 minutes to start my beautiful vacation!  Guess who decided to show up this morning just in time to catch a ride to the Vineyard and help me stalk Jake Gyllenhaal?  Simone!!

I freaking hate you, Simone.  You are a whore and I dislike you even more than that horrid Dentyne gum.