Hello, Technology!

27 Aug

Apparently, Little Bus is new to the 21st century.  She’s off for a few weeks of training in our other offices-she’ll be sorely missed (just not by me or Lit’l Smokey).  For some reason, she called Southwest to get them to help her check in.  Umm.  . .apparently she missed the whole Internet movement where you can just go on-line and print it out herself.

 She was on the phone for 20 minutes trying to get instructions.  All I heard was this:

  • I’m not sure if I’m checked in or not.  It says something about group A.
  • What does group A mean?
  • Can I get group 1 instead?
  • Okay, so now how do I check in now that I have my boarding pass?

I can only imagine the customer service agent on the other line.  The crazy thing is that Little Bus is not a 90 year old woman who has never been around technology.  She is a 30-something year old who likes to mix her own music.  God she is so freaking lame.

One Response to “Hello, Technology!”

  1. OestreBunny August 27, 2007 at 10:34 pm #

    Sometimes, I despair of other people.

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