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A Special Dedication: To Muffy

20 Aug

Remember when Michael Kors, Lola and I went to pick up the car yesterday morning and it took some time?  It was because we were doing this: jumping on NYC street grates.


We did it for you: to fufill your dream of being wealthy.  We figured we’d fall through and then sue the city for billions!  It didn’t work.  Oh, and we also stopped at some little scarf shop to look for one of Lola’s gems. . . 

20 Aug

Why, God?  Why?  What possesses children to get up at such horrible, ungodly hours??  My sister and brother-in-law are in London and I’m stuck with the kids for a few days.  They went to bed at a reasonable hour, they each got up once in the night.  This morning, they both felt it was time to get up at the same time.  5:30 in the god damned morning.

 Want to die.  So sleepy. . .

Behold. . .

20 Aug

Lola’s firm pillow (provided by the Hampton Inn in Madison Square Gardens).