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Magical Cocktails

14 Aug

In the 2007 edition of Baltimore Magazine’s Best of Baltimore issue, Nasu Blanca was rated as having the best cocktails in the area. Being a connoisseur of cocktails, I arranged an evening of drinks with Lola, Muffy, and Lush. The restaurant is in a cute little house in Federal Hill on Fort Ave., the bar is tiny. Sadly, the prices of the cocktails are not as small as the cocktail menu. We were there for serious business: to try Baltimore’s best cocktails. We ordered the Shiso Fine and the Gin & Juice Martini.

Excellent presentation, fairly tasty, and just not quite up to par with the most wondrous cocktails of all-the ones at Ixia. After a round of drinks, we decided to stop playing games and just go to Ixia. Lord only knows why we bother going anywhere else. A few weeks ago I wrote about my profound love for the Mt. Vernon establishment. It’s a supremely wonderful and magical land: kind of like Narnia for adults.
How Ixia didn’t receive the award for Baltimore’s best cocktails is a mystery that will never be solved. Kind of like who killed Marilyn Monroe or why Tammy Faye Baker chose the make-up she did. We should send Veronica Mars in to solve the mystery, sadly, her show has been cancelled. But I digress! We ordered a delicious round of drinks, and then went over to the nitro bar. Not only was my hot bartender there, but so was the hot executive chef. They chatted us up and made divine drinks for us with their liquid nitrogen.

Seriously, why would want a plain old cocktail when you can have one that is all mystical, made with cotton candy and smokey? Come on, people?? Get with it!

I plan on seeing you all at Ixia some time really soon.