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Good Times with Lit’l Smokey

6 Aug

Last Friday, Lit’l Smokey and I had an hour long conversation about our shared dislike for Little Bus. She is a very strange young lady. After a romantic time in his cubicle, he informed me that he was leaving for the day. Rat bastard! How dare he just take off an hour early? Sure, he was supposed to have the entire day off and had come in to finish some work, but still!

The following exchange occurred via text messaging.

CS: I hate you for leaving me alone with her.
LS: BFF. Enjoy.
CS: I hate you.
LS: Do you think she hates us?
CS: She hates me but she loves you. She calls herself Mrs. Smokey when you’re not around.
LS: Mmm. . .I love me some bone hard flat ass.
CS: That’s hot.
LS: She likes to be tied up with hemp rope and covered with organic whipped soy light cream.

I laughed so hard at the last statement. I was afraid she’d turn around and ask me what was so funny. Thankfully, she had her earphones on and was listening to some of her lame ass club music. Or perhaps a podcast on protecting the manatees. Not sure which one. . .

Mmm. . .food

6 Aug

Last week was a very special and magical week here in Baltimore: Restaurant Week. Lord only knows who came up with the concept, but said person needs to be thanked immediately if not sooner. This clever genius convinced tons of fabulous dining establishments to offer a fixed price menu for dinner (some even for lunch). It’s a popular week in town as scores of famished people rush off to try all sorts of new and exciting places. My friends and I are no exception. Last week we managed to take advantage of restaurant week on several nights.

Tuesday we found ourselves at Timothy Dean Bistro in Fells Point. I use two words to describe it: overrated and unimpressive. Don’t waste your time, you’ll end up still hungry at the end of the night and pissed that you spent so much money on nothing. Instead of telling you about the disappointing food we ate, I’ll tell you about the most exciting point in the evening. On my way back to my car-while I was debating whether or not I would stop for fast food on the way home because I was still hungry-I came across someone passed out on the sidewalk. This isn’t a sight that I’m used to seeing. I figured the right thing to do would be to call 911, and make sure this person wasn’t dying from heat stroke or something. 5 minutes later, I found my car blocked in by 3 ambulances. Turns out that this woman has stoned out of her mind and had just passed out on the street. Nice. Klassy. To punish me for calling them, the 3 ambulances didn’t move for a good 15 minutes. I just sat in my car like a dumb ass. It was great!!

Wednesday, Un-boyfriend, Lola and I went to Sascha’s 527. That place is definitely worth a return visit. Both the service and food were excellent. The added bonus is that I’m friends with a friend of the hot guy that runs the place. He was pretty to look at. Plus, they are conveniently located directly across the street from Ixia. You know that we walked over there for a cocktail after dinner.

The best night of pigging out on food, occurred on Friday. Muffy, Lola, Lola’s dad, and I went to Oceanaire. Good god that place was fabulous. FABULOUS!! It was so good, in fact, that I’m going back there tomorrow night with Un-boyfriend. He and I aren’t getting along very well recently, but I’ll suk it up and deal with him if there’s a wild berry mojito and some calamari involved.