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A Career Tip from Catherinette

3 Aug

This one goes out to all the young “ladies” who have just graduated from college and are trying to make a good impression in their first “real” job.

Ladies, if you’re going to compare drunk hook-up stories, either: lower your voices OR find a secluded table that’s not right next to a high traffic area.

In the 3 minutes that I stood next to the microwave today, I heard all about:

  • one girl’s adventures skinny dipping with a “hot guy” she had a crush on, while her friends watched;
  • another girl’s account of how she went to a party with her ex and his hot friend, and that the hot friend got into a HUGE fight with his girlfriend during an intense game of I Never. Apparently, the girlfriend of the hot friend accused him of sleeping with someone else;
  • A sorority girl’s account of some strange drinking game where she had to lick a lollipop and then pass it on to someone she had hooked up with. Then that person had to lick the lollipop and give it to someone else he had hooked up with, and so on and so on. It seems as though the lollipop made it all around the sorority house that night.


Busy Little Bee

3 Aug

People, I’m so very busy and important. I remember when I used to sit around at home on the weekends and wonder why I didn’t have a life. Now I’m freaking tired all the time because of my busy social calendar. My popularity is exhausting to me. Who has time for a boyfriend when there’s so much stuff going on? Seriously, take a look at what August has in store for Michael Kors and me:

1st: Sascha’s, drinks at Ixia with Lola and Un-boyfriend
2nd: Work happy hour to welcome the guy that got the job over me
3rd: Oceanaire with Lola and Muffy
4th: Kick ass pool party
5th: Movies with Un-boyfriend
7th: Oceanaire with Un-boyfriend
8th: Movies with Muffy
9th: Volunteering at the American Visionary Arts Musuem
11th: Little Havana and Nasu Blanca with Muffy and Lola
12th: Outlets with Muffy, Mischa, and KK
14th: 4 minute dating at Chi-cha’s in DC with Muffy and Lola
18-19th: NYC with Muffy and Lola
21-23rd: Baby-sit niece and nephew while my sister’s in London (I hate her).
31st: Leave for vacation

Somewhere in there I have to make time to watch season 2 of Veronica Mars and flirt with Lit’l Smokey. So busy.

If you’re planning on stalking me, just look for the red carpet and all the cameras-the paparazzi always follows me around nowadays. Look for the hot girl with the smoking rack and the honey colored Michael Kors bag.