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My New BFF

31 Jul

I made a new friend on Saturday night, and she’s been keeping me up late ever since as I learn all about her entire life! She’s a pretty cool girl that Lola introduced me to. You see, she works in her dad’s detective agency, and she’s still in High School! Her best friend (Lily) was murdered about a year ago and she’s trying to help solve the mystery of who killed her. Meanwhile, her now ex-boyfriend is dating one of her friends, she totally got dissed by this hot guy (Troy), and her mom has disappeared.

What makes matters worse is that she’s totally been made an outcast at her school. She used to be part of the cool crowd until her dad went after one of the most prominent men in town for Lily’s murder. It doesn’t help much that Lily was the sister of my new friend’s now ex-boyfriend, Duncan. Duncan is kind of OK, but he has this friend, Logan-now that kid is a dick. Kind of hot, but still a dick. Still, I feel sorry for him because Logan’s mother supposedly jumped off a bridge after Logan’s dad (a famous movie actor) had a series of affairs.

Seriously, this girl leads a crazy life. I’m intrigued by every little bit of it.

I love you, Veronica Mars, and I can’t believe that we’ve just met. How had I missed you on TV before? HOW? Thankfully, I’m through almost all of season 1 on DVD. Sure, I watched 6 episodes last night and was up until almost 1:00 AM (on a school night, people), but that’s not important.

No, I’m not a dork. Seriously, I’m not.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

31 Jul

Yesterday I posted about how waking up at 3:00 AM freaks me out. Here are 2 other things that make me want to pee myself in the night.

  1. Sleeping with the closet door open: When I was a wee lass, my dad told me that the Boogey Man lived in the closet. My sister and I were so impacted by this little tale of his that both of us refuse to have the closet door open at night time. There’s no way that I’m sleeping with that GD door open-not going to happen. When I dated both Mr. Big X and Un-boyfriend, they’d make fun of me. They both were highly amused at the fact that I would refuse to turn the lights off unless the closet doors were shut. As a matter of fact, Un-boyfriend found it hysterically funny to turn off the light, jump out of bed, open the closet door, and then jump back in bed. I would immediately have to hide under the covers until the door was shut.
  2. Laying in bed with any of my limbs hanging off the edge of the bed: You just never know who/what is under the bed. I don’t want something/someone to grab me and pull me under. I won’t even let my fingers dangle off the bed. Way too scary for me.

I am a chicken, yes, I admit it.