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20 Jul

I had lunch a little over an hour ago, and I’m still hungry. Know what I could really go for? A man. A super fine and hot one. Can’t seem to find one of those in any of our vending machines, though. That’s jacked up. We have a full cafeteria and 5 vending machines in this building, and there’s not an available in any of them. I might have to walk over to one of other buildings to see if there’s one wedged in between the Skittles and the Trail Mix.

Fun with Small Children

20 Jul

My sister has 2 young children, and there are 3 ways I know that they’re driving her crazy.

1) She refers to them as “hateful creatures from hell.”
2) She threatens to drown them in the bathtub.
3) She offers to sell them to the lowest bidder.

I typically enjoy spending quality time with them, however, in the event that any of the 3 things above happen-I avoid their house like the plague.

Protected: Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

20 Jul

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