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I am so hungry that my stomach is digesting itself…

18 Jul

I am so hungry that my stomach is digesting itself. Plus my head is starting to hurt. So hungry. . .getting weak.

Where is Disney? Why oh why did I agree to wait until 1:00 to go to lunch?

Everything is growing so very dark now.

Am . . .going. . .to. . .pass. . .out. . .from. . .starvation. . .

MK Update

18 Jul

Yesterday, Michael Kors received his first piece of mail: a get well card from Muffy. He’s currently staying at my mom’s house while he’s in recovery. I called him and read the card to him and it very much lifted his spirits. He says he’s feeling better, that there’s still a little bit of scarring, but that he’s ready to come home.

I’m picking him up tomorrow. I’ve missed him so much!