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God Help Me

6 Jul

Tomorrow I am headed off to a wedding. That’s right, I have friends that are getting married on 7-7-07. It hadn’t occurred to me that they were tools until this morning. Oh well, at least there will be an open bar. Additionally, I will be reunited with Notebook. I’m sure I’ll end up pining away for him at some point, and he’ll ignore me completely. Somehow, he suckered me into picking him up at the airport. How did that happen??

The frightening part is the potential cocktail flu that I’ll be nursing on Sunday. These people are not your average drinkers: they are young, they can still hold it like they did in college (since they just freaking graduated). Meanwhile, yours truly has just about zero tolerance for alcohol. I’m frightened. I envision being wrapped around the toilet on Sunday morning while management is banging on my door telling me to clear out or else they’ll call Security. Please don’t let this happen to me.

What will my Michael Kors bag and my cherry red ipod think of me? I’ll disgrace my whole “family”!!