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Protected: Disturbing Compliments

3 Jul

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Ms. Snobberton

3 Jul

I work with this uber snob who we shall call Ms. Snobberton. She’s one of those women that doesn’t need to work-she just does it for kicks. Her husband makes plenty of money, she’s always wearing flashy new jewelry or caring a brand new Louis Vuitton bag. She also sneaks out of work for 2 or 3 hours at a time (on just about a daily basis). Oh, and did I mention that she only works part time so she’s only here for 4 hours a day?

Anyway, Ms. Snobberton enjoys making flip comments. She’s pretty insulting, though she tries to mask it from time to time. I’ll give you an example: several weeks ago, I purchased some super cute wedges. She saw me in them and mentioned how cute they were, then asked me if I could wear the shoes with skirts. I told her I loved the way they looked with a skirt. She said, “That’s so great that you can do that. My legs are way too skinny for that. It takes a thicker leg than the one I have.” Umm, excuse me?

Sadly, we have recently been assigned to the same project. This means I’ll have the extreme joy and pleasure of working with her (ie. pulling all the weight and forcing her to do stuff when she decides to make it in to work), and enjoying all her wonderful compliments (ie. veiled insults). Oh joy!