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Protected: An Important Travel Announcement

18 Jun

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A Conversation Between You & Me

18 Jun

You: Hi, Catherinette, how are you?
Me: Hey, you! Living the dream, how ‘bout yourself?
You: Good, good, can’t complain. How was your weekend?
Me: Superb, thanks for asking. Yours?
You: Same old, same old? What made yours so great?
Me: I volunteered at a gala event at a local museum.
You: Really? Sounds stuffy and conservative if you ask me.
Me: Well, if you think getting all boozy suzy at an open bar, seeing pictures of someone’s penis (named “The General”) on a cell phone cam, and making out with gay men is stuffy and conservative, then I guess I agree with you.
You: Oh, well then, that sounds fun.
Me: Yes, it’s all about giving back to the people and the arts.