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Tupperware Secret

7 Jun

The [Cherry] Ride had the most kick ass and brilliant idea in the free world. We here at Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me (and by “we” I mean “me”) are immediately moving forward with the idea of Tupperware Secret. It’s just like what you might see on Post Secret, only cooler and it involves tupperware.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Confess your dirty little secrets on paper
  • Take a picture and include tupperware somewhere in the shot
  • Stick it on your blog
  • Link back to this posting so everyone will know where it came from. Or don’t, take full credit for it if that’s the way you want to roll.

Mmm. . .Food

7 Jun

You too can own cute tupperware like mine. Run to Target right now or order it online by going here. It’s worth it.

Safe Driving 101

7 Jun

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to reduce the time I speak on my cell phone and drive. It’s been a little challenging, however, I know I’m less likely to kill myself or someone else if I just shut-up and drive. Actually, I don’t actually shut-up, instead I do shows in my car. It’s my opportunity to pretend that I’m a special guest at some famous person’s concert and we’re doing duets. Who will it be today? Justin Timberlake? Michael Buble? Tori Amos? Oh I can’t wait to get back in the car!

But I digress. Instead of talking on the phone yesterday, I decided to take a picture while driving. Check out my dog enjoying the ride:


Oh, and by the way, I caused a traffic accident yesterday. It had nothing to do with cell phones, or my smoking rack. Instead, it had to do with a little old man that didn’t obey traffic signs. I had the right of way to cross over a one lane bridge, and he was blocking my exit. I had enough room to pass him, however, he decided to back up-straight into the car directly behind him. Good times, good times. I thought about waving or giving him the thumbs up when I drove past, but I resisted the urge.