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Stupid Phrases That Make Me Want to Slap Someone

1 Jun
The Phrase
“wrap my head around”
“I can’t wrap my head around why you would wear leg warmers with high heels.”
Why It’s Stupid

You can wrap something around your head-like a towel, or a turban, or even a scarf-but it is physically impossible to wrap your head around something. People, if you were to wrap your head around something, you would be freaking dead. You can’t do it, it’s impossible so stop saying it. I beg of you. Please. Stop.

An Important Public Service Announcment

1 Jun

When someone holds the door open, the polite thing to do is say, “thank you.” Do not pretend that you don’t see them-that is rude and may cause the person to slam the door in your face.

Additionally, if someone says, “hello” and waves to you, you should respond by acknowledging their greeting. Do not pretend that they are invisible. This is also extremely rude and may cause someone to post something on their blog about what a total dick you are.

Thank you, and have a pleasant and polite day.