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7 May

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Nobody Puts Baby Tramp In The Corner

7 May

Being in my 30’s, it’s funny to hear how younger women will approach a “relationship”. My mother was born and raised in Mexico City, so my sister and I were always taught that we should never ever ever ever pursue a man. We should never call a man, write to a man, ask him out, and under no circumstances were we to make the first move. I was the girl that sat by the phone for hours, for days, just waiting for him to call me. I couldn’t pick up the phone and call for fear that he would immediately label me as a hussy and then move on. In many respects, I still believe in a lot of what my mother taught me. I will never call a man first, I will not ask one out on a first date, and I won’t be the one to plant the first kiss.

Baby Tramp was clearly raised in a different time by a very different mother. She is very eager to put herself out there, chase after Lit’l Smokey and get naked with him immediately if not sooner. After not emailing him back for almost a week, she called him at 9:30 on Friday night and wanted to meet up with him. According to him, there was a sense of urgency when she asked, “Where are you? When can I see you? Do you want to meet up? Where are you?”

My question: what’s she doing up so late? It was clearly past her bedtime.

He asked her to come down where he was, but she said she didn’t want to go by herself. She then proceeded to ask him when he was going to be through and if he would meet up with her later? Of course, he said yes. While I’d like to pretend that he just went over to her house to give her a bottle, read her a story, and tuck her into bed, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. We’re all adults here, we all know that he probably hit it like there was no tomorrow. Gross. She is a dirty baby tramp and I’m so envious that I could just puke.