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Dinner with Destiny

1 May

Last night I went on a little work dinner with Dreamy Eyes, Lit’l Smokey, and DJ. Lit’ls Smokey was as hot as ever, though I was bummed out to find out that he smoked. As he puffed away at his cigarettes, one thought came to my mind: how I wish I was that cigarette. He’s still hot even though he has this little habit. I’m willing to see past it.

As for Dreamy Eyes, he is no longer my secret boyfriend. This is really for 2 reasons:

  1. He had terrible and tragic bags under his eyes (even worse than Debbie Downer’s)-they were so bad that I almost couldn’t see his baby blues. Very sad.
  2. He spent the majority of the night text messaging his girlfriend. I don’t care that he has a woman, but I do find it disturbing that he can barely keep up his end of the conversation because he’s too busy playing with his stinking phone.

Conclusion: Dreamy Eyes is now to be known as Phone Boy, and Lit’l Smokey is still little and now he’s super Smokey.