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Ironic Twist

20 Mar

Everyday on my way to work, I pass 2 young boys waiting for the school bus. They look exactly the same, but act very differently. One of them (The Waver) is very pleasant and waves to me every morning, the other one (Gunner) typically runs into the street and pretends to shoot me with a stick. I always fight the urge to jump out of my car and rip Gunner a new one. I typically just shoot daggers at him as I drive past him.

It always made me wonder what kind of family each one had that one of them would be so pleasant and friendly, and the other one was a little shit. I imagined them sitting at home talking to their parents: The Waver had friendly parents that took interest in what he did at school that day. Meanwhile, Gunner’s parents were telling him to be quiet because they couldn’t hear what Judge Joe Brown was saying to the plaintiff. The Waver would spend the weekend with his parents at parks, and museums. Gunner would spend this weekends wondering why his parents didn’t love him and torturing small birds.

About two weeks ago, I saw The Waver on my street riding his bicycle. As is always his custom, he waved frantically to me. That was the first time that I noticed that The Waver had some form of mild retardation, and it made me sad to see that. No one deserves this, especially this kid-he’s just so nice.

This morning on my way to work, there was more confirmation. As I approached The Waver’s bus stop, I noticed that his backpack was on the corner, but he was not-he was about ½ a block away just wandering around. When he noticed my car coming, he started running alongside it-as if trying to outrun me. It seemed like he really believed that he had a chance of beating me. I just smiled him, waved, and let him eat my dust.

Protected: Another Nail in the Coffin

20 Mar

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