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You Left Without Saying Goodbye

15 Mar

You left without saying goodbye. We haven’t talked for 2 years, but we both knew where the other one was. Now I hear you’re leaving there and coming here for a different job with a different company. Why can’t you just stay there? Why must you come back here after all this time, after all these years. This is where I live-where we loved each other. But you chose to leave me here, and go there.

When I heard you were leaving this time, I felt such a deep sadness. Though it’s been years since things ended between us, there was some comfort in knowing where you were, and that in certain respects, we were still linked. With you leaving your job, it almost feels as if you’re leaving me all over again. Yet it’s been so long, and I wish it didn’t bother me anymore-that I could just forgot you and move on. Why does it still hurt so much? After all this time, why do I feel that pang in my chest and this lump in my throat as I write this?

We owe each other nothing. We said our goodbyes many years ago. I still think about you, all the time. I compare you to every man that I meet. They never compare to you-not ever. But why would I want them to? You were cruel to me. You broke my heart, you shattered it into a million pieces. I wept for you, and when I leave here today to go home, I’ll weep for you again.

I ache for you. I want to see you, but I don’t. We were terrible to each other: I cheated, you lied, then you left me here. Now you’ve left again. And yet you left without saying goodbye.

Goodbye. Have a nice life. It was nice knowing you. I’ll never see you again. Not ever. I’ll miss you.

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15 Mar

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