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My Signature Scent: Log Cabin Lite

2 Mar

For most of the day today the scent of maple syrup has been following me around. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out where it was coming from. Had someone near me poured an entire bottle of Aunt Jemima in their garbage can? Did someone buy a new cologne that wasn’t quite working out? Was the cafeteria downstairs featuring their Vermont inspired menu again? I had not been anywhere near waffles or pancakes so lord only knew why it seemed like I’d made the decision to soak in vat of syrup.

After hours of wondering where it came from, I discovered that my sweater seems to be the source of the aroma. Why does my sweater smell like maple syrup? The biggest mystery is that this is the first time the sweater has been worn. The tags were just cut off this morning. How can a brand new sweater smell like that? Sure, it would make sense if I had purchased the sweater at IHOP or Denny’s, but that’s not the case. Believe it or not, those aren’t places that I tend to pick up a new item for my wardrobe. This is an expensive sweater from a high end store-it shouldn’t smell like maple syrup. It’s just not right.

I’m very much looking forward to happy hour later this evening when people start asking me why I smell like a pancake house. Look out, single men! Momma has a new fresh scent about her!!

On another note, I could really go for some French toast right now.